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    I have considerable experience in bringing businesses from idea to concept creation, scale, and tackling organizational problems with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. My focus is on working collaboratively with clients to grasp the core of the organization’s objectives and develop comprehensive plans with a focus on results through execution. 

    My experiences include business/corporate development, investor management, fundraising, financial planning, non profit management, launching/leading a technology enabled consumer products company, advising startup companies, overall strategic guidance for non profit organizations, employee recruitment, retention, and development, high level advisory board design and recruitment, marketing, and product design. 

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing from Marquette University, a Master’s of Business Administration from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and financial planning education from Northwestern University, and have served on a number of Non Profit boards, City Commissions, and startup company advisory boards. 

    Fluent in English and Spanish.


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