FAQs Businesses

1. Is there a charge to post?

Freelance project postings are $19.99. All freelance projects are included in our weekly newsletter distributed to 1000s of MBAs. Full-time, part-time and internship postings are $99.99. Several premium services are available for additional charges. The all-in-one premium package in which your project, job, or internship is given prominent placement, Tweeted to our 20,000 followers, posted on our Facebook page, and included in our newsletter to thousands of MBAs is $99.99.  If you would like to hide your project from search engines, a $9.99 fee is charged.  We stand by our service and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2.  How do I pay my hire?  

The site does not arrange payment terms or payment with hires.  Businesses are responsible for making payment arrangements.

3. How do I ensure satisfactory work?

Each applicant has feedback tied to his or her account. After the project is complete, you may leave feedback for the project winner that future posters can assess.

4. Can I hire a group, or just an individual?

You may hire a group or an individual. We encourage applicants who want to work as a group to alert the poster and send along a résumé and any additional documentation for each member of the group. You may also specify when posting whether you prefer an individual or a group.

5.  Where are all the projects, jobs and internships?    

The site assigns user privileges based on type of registration.  MBAs can view all jobs.  Businesses post jobs.  If you would like to get a sense of the type of projects, jobs, and internships posted, please send a request for a guest MBA log in to questions@mbaprojectsearch.com.

6. Where do I register?

Click on any “Post a Job” icon.

7. What about NDAs and Non-competes?

Currently, we would prefer that you provide your own legal documentation to protect proprietary information. Though, we do have generic documents for you to use.

8. Do I have to post detailed/sensitive information?

No. Post as much or as little detail about the project as you want. You may provide more details to the winner after developing a greater level of comfort with him or her or as the proper legal safeguards are put in place (i.e., NDA, non-compete, etc.). Applicants can post résumés, so you should be able to gauge qualifications even without providing much information about your project when posting.

9.  If I have questions, whom do I contact?  

All questions can be emailed to questions@mbaprojectsearch.com and will receive prompt attention.