Freelance marketing for; possible sales employment for future Featured Project
Freelance marketing for; possible sales employment for future
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    4th of January 2013 at 1:29 AM

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    82 days, 17 hours, 18 min

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Business Description
With two other partners, I have founded and operate an online tutoring company (see We have just started and are seeking ways to effectively reach students.
Job or Project Description
My name is Dr. David Partyka. My partners and I have recently started an online tutoring company (see and We would like to work with a well-connected person or organization on a commission basis (you would be an independent contractor for the position described here) to reach students for us, marketing in any way possible (no training from us; you decide the best method). For each student who pays for an online tutoring package (online tutoring only and does not apply to 30 minute sessions) on our site due to your marketing efforts (that is, the student writes your name in the \'Referred by\' field found at , we will offer you 25% of our net profit for that specific referred student . You must be a US citizen and live in the United States (don\'t want taxes to be more complicated). My partners and I will need to write you a contract for this freelance work; you will need to read this contract and sign if you agree to the terms. If we are satisfied with your work (subjective, we need to ascertain your performance) we will strongly consider you in the future for a sales representative position (as an employee, not a contractor) if our company revenues are high enough. I will want to see your CV and personally speak with you before my partners and I decide to work with you or not. I will be more than happy to answer additional questions.
Business Compensation
This freelance work is initially commission based. See project description above.
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